What We Recycle

Baroni Recycling accepts commodities that we process for recycling.  From Heavy Steel to small appliances, copper to aluminum. We accept all manner of metallic materials.

Here’s a basic list of commodities with some brief examples that we currently accept (this is NOT a complete list).



Light Iron (Tin)

Light Iron can include materials such as thin sheet metal, metal shelving, metal cabinets, water heaters, pots and other thin, magnetic, metal products.


There are many forms of steel. From HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) to Cast Iron (such as furnaces or old heaters) wrought Iron and I-beams. Material cut to appropriate lengths is considered ‘prepared’, while longer lengths are unprepared.




Siding, gutters, sheet, signs, and rims are a few examples.


Fittings, valves, hinges and other assorted fixtures.


All manner of copper pipe and tubing, gutters and flashing.

Stainless Steel

Sinks, shelving and racks.


All forms of copper wire, including extension cords, appliance cords and computer cable.




Small appliances, such as microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, frigerators* and air conditioners* (See note on appliances with Freon).


Lead-acid batteries such as automotive batteries, small equipment and batteries from battery backup systems.

Electric Tools

Powered tools such as drills, saws, grinders, sanders; any tool with an electric motor.

Junk Cars / Trucks

We accept cars and trucks for scrap. Complete cars should have all parts intact (including motors, tires, batteries, etc). Incomplete cars are received, but are slightly less value.

Gas Powered Equipment

Lawn Mowers, Snow blowers, landscaping equipment, weed whackers, etc.

Oil Tanks / Drums

We take oil tanks and drums, though they must be prepared by cutting the tanks and should be free of oil or fuel.

Commodities Not Accepted



Campers / Camp Trailers

Large Insulated Coolers / Freezers


TV’s and Computer Monitors

Appliances that contain Freon MUST be drained by a certified technician before they can be accepted.
All gas powered equipment MUST be drained of fluids (gas, oil, etc..) before they can be accepted.  Be sure to drain all fluids before bringing equipment into the yard.