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Do you need your vehicle salvaged in Dutchess County? Or do you need prompt roll-off container services? Don’t hesitate to call the team at Baroni Recycling for all your metal recycling needs. With locations in Pleasant Valley, Ravena, and Poughkeepsie, NY, we strive to provide you with superior customer service while we all do our part to help the environment.

Metal Recycling

Do you want to help the environment while also making a profit? Look towards the metal recycling services offered by Baroni Recycling. Metal products can be recycled repeatedly without altering their properties; yet, only thirty percent of metal is recycled. We aim to increase that number by offering you and your company metal recycling services. Let us help create a financial revenue stream for your business through your recyclable metal materials.

Metal recycling not only helps save our natural resources, but it also uses less energy than the manufacturing of new materials. We recommend this service because it emits less carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and saves you money.

Roll-Off Containers

No matter how big or small your next job is, use the roll-off containers that Baroni Recycling has to offer. Ranging in sizes from 10 Yards to 40 Yards, we have the yard dumpster perfect for keeping your job site clean and organized.

With our fleet of roll-off trucks, drop-offs and pick-ups are quick and easy. Call today to see how we can help!

Sizes We Offer

10 Yard

Dimensions: Approximately 12 ft. long X 6 ft. wide X 4 ft. tall
Capacity: A 10-yard dumpster can hold two to three tons of material
Weight Limit: 4,000-6,000 lbs

We recommend 10-yard dumpsters for residential jobs or small job sites that have limited space.

20 Yard

Dimensions: Approximately 22 ft. long X 8 ft. wide X 4.5 ft. tall
Capacity: A 20-yard dumpster can hold 20 cubic yards of material, or about six pickup truck loads, 3-4 tons of material
Weight Limit: 6,000-8,000 lbs

We recommend 20-yard dumpsters for residential jobs or small job sites.

30 Yard

Dimensions: Approximately 22 ft. long X 8 ft. wide X 6 ft. tall
Capacity: A 30-yard dumpster can hold 30 cubic yards of material or about nine pickup truck loads.
Weight Limit: 7,000-10,000 lbs

We recommend 30-yard dumpsters for larger jobs, such as demolitions or large clean-ups.

40 Yard

Dimensions: Approximately 22 ft. long X 8 ft. wide X 8 ft. tall
Capacity: A 40-yard dumpster can hold 40 cubic yards of material or about 12 pickup truck loads,
Weight Limit: 12,000-16,000 lbs (6-8 tons)

We recommend 10-yard dumpsters for residential jobs or small job sites.

Vehicle Salvage Program

Are you looking to get rid of that old car, truck, or van, and get money for it? Baroni Recycling offers vehicle salvage services for all manner of vehicles, regardless of condition. If you can’t bring it to our yard, no worries, our towing service will gladly pick up your car.

For our technicians to scrap your vehicle, we require that you have proof of ownership. There are two ways we accept this:

  1. If you are the owner and have a title, the process is simple. Just sign, and we’ll take care of the rest! If your name isn’t on the registration, we require a valid title for the vehicle signed by the owner.
  2. If your name is on the registration and you don’t have the title, you can still recycle your vehicle for scrap. Bring your valid New York State Driver’s License. So long as the name on the registration matches the name on your license, we can take the car off your hands.

On-Site Services

Allow Baroni Recycling to keep your projects on track and tidy with our clean-up and metal processing services. When you need material prepared and moved, we have the necessary tools to dismantle and remove your scrap. Best of all, we purchase these materials from your business, giving you another revenue stream to help with job costs.

What We Accept

Baroni Recycling accepts commodities that we process for recycling. Whether you need to drop off heavy steel or small appliances, copper or aluminum, we accept many metals for recycling. We accept all manner of metallic materials.

Below is a list of commodities with some brief examples that we currently accept and do not accept. This is not a complete list. If you have any questions, call 845-471-0820 today.

Acceptable Materials

Ferrous Metals

  • Light Iron (Tin): This includes thin sheet metal, metal shelving, metal cabinets, water heaters, pots, and other tins, magnetics, and metal products.
  • Steel: There are many forms of steel, from HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) to cast iron (such as furnaces or old heaters), wrought iron, and I-beams. Material cut to appropriate lengths is considered ‘prepared,’ while longer lengths are ‘unprepared.’

Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Aluminum: We accept siding, gutters, sheets, signs, rims, and others.
  • Brass: This includes but is not limited to fittings, valves, hinges, and other assorted fixtures.
  • Copper: All manner of copper pipe and tubing, gutters, and flashing.
  • Stainless Steel: Sinks, shelving, and racks.
  • Wire: All forms of copper wire, including extension cords, appliance cords, and computer cables.

Other Commodities

  • Appliances: Small appliances, such as microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, washers, dryers, refrigerators* and air conditioners

*A certified technician MUST drain appliances that contain Freon before we accept them.

  • Batteries: Lead-acid batteries such as automotive batteries, small equipment, and batteries from battery backup systems.
  • Electric Tools: Powered tools such as drills, saws, grinders, sanders, and any tool with an electric motor.
  • Junk Cars/ Trucks: We accept cars and trucks for scrap. Complete vehicles should have all parts intact (including motors, tires, batteries, etc.). Incomplete vehicles are received but are slightly less valuable.
  • Gas-Powered Equipment: Lawnmowers, snowblowers, landscaping equipment, weed whackers, etc.

*All gas-powered equipment MUST be drained of fluids (gas, oil, etc.) before we accept them. Be sure to drain all fluids before bringing equipment into the yard.

  • Oil Tanks & Drums: We take oil tanks and drums, though they must be prepared by cutting the tanks and should be free of oil or fuel.

Materials We Do Not Accept

  • Boats
  • Campers
  • Camp Trailers
  • Large Insulated Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Tires
  • TVs
  • Computer Monitors
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